Geometric Patterns

Fractal Art by Tina Oloyede

Raw fractals comprising mainly repeating patterns of circles, squares and hexagons. Most of the colouring algorithms used were written by Andreas Lober and Samuel Monnier.

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77 Christmas Baubles In A Box

A Box Of Agates

A Cross Hatch 04

Acid Drops

All Around

An Indigo Puzzle

An Unserious Image

Beach Towel


BMW Blues

Boxed In


Circular Chaos

Coffee Rings

Dynamic Duo

Diamonds And Hearts Tiling

Fractal Christmas Card 2017

I'm Going 11

I'm Going 16

Kaffe Paper 15

Large Pasted Circles

Let It Snow

Lots Of Circles Messed Up

Magic Circles 43

Magic Circles 57

Magic Diamonds 61 By Aartika Fractal Art D 8 Fqc 1 N

Magic Squarees 25

Mixed Signals

More And More Squares Pasted

More Patchwork

Netfix 01


O For Oloyede

Open Windows 02

Open Windows 07

Opposites Attract

Oranges And Lemons

Oricalcum By Aartika Fractal Art D 8 Nqcnx


Pink Stitching


Really Fancy Hexagons 155

Really Fancy Hexagons 15

Really Fancy Hexagons

Retro Colour Wheel

Rhythm 'n' Blues

Rose Pasted Circles

Second Vineyard

Shades No Longer Required

Shades Required


Soft Quilt

Some More Small Squares 09

Some More Small Squares 16

Some Quite Messy Squares 09

Some Small Circles 10

Spiral Or Square

Square And Roundy

Square Pasted Circles 02

Stop Me If I M Getting Boring

Sum Material

Summer Circles

Tangerine Dream

The Golden Snitch

Um Bongo

Unlucky For Some

Vector Art 05

Velvet Boxes

Vineyard Platter

Weavy Trees

Fractal Art
Photograhy by Tina Oloyede
Digital Art by Tina Oloyede