Square Panels

Fractal Art by Tina Oloyede

A collection of raw fractals created with Ultra Fractal, loosely based on a square panel theme. These works mostly use a simple Pixel formula, combined with various colouring algorithms and textures.

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Scratching At The Surface

Jungle Paths

Inside Number 9


4 Cell 0006

4 Cell 019

A Cross Hatch

A Curious Mixture

Crackpot Tiling 10



Fractal 1000012

Fractal 1000012 B

Fractal 1000012 D

Gnarlesque 056

Icy Banana Double Shapes Panel

Indigo Panel


Lace Panel

Mosaic Floor


Oriental Plates 07

Pink Stitching

Puzzle It Out

Red September

Rhubarb And Custard

Ruggle 06


Square Mix It Up 04

Square Mix It Up 07

Square Mix It Up 41

Squares In Squares

Tile Lines

Voroni Panel


Woven Panel

Jagged Puzzling by Tina Oloyede

Jagged Puzzling

Gold Leaf by Tina Oloyede

Gold Leaf

Fractal Art
Photograhy by Tina Oloyede
Digital Art by Tina Oloyede